Common security threats

Security of your home and safety of your family come first. Considering ever increase in numbers of home robberies, it is important you keep home protected from intruders. Many look to safeguard homes and rely on locks for doors & windows this is not enough to keep you safe. Once the intruder is inside premises there is no guarantee of your safety. Criminals usually are with access to devices to break open doors and windows.

How do you protect your premises?

It is important to cover your premises with systems that go beyond locks and keys. There are many other risks that can make your home an easy target for criminals.  Reduce threats and minimize danger, seek professional help in obtaining the correct devices for your home or office premises. When an intruder knows the premises is under surveillance cameras, he becomes aware his identity is immediately known. The visibility of a CCTV itself is a discouragement to a robber. The best investment you can make is having a reliable security system and alarms considering all possible entry points such as garages, through windows and balconies or simply walking through the entrance.


With our primary goal “safeguarding your assets” Epsilon has in offer the best CCTV security and Alarm system in Sri Lanka. As well as CCTV Security System Colombo Sri Lanka. We also take pride in introducing our wireless home security systems that is used to protect your assets. Epsilon have a professional team that can visit your premises within 24 hours of being notified to carry out assessment of your premises and provide you with the best suitable security system suitable to your budget. We guarantee of our after sales service as we endeavor best services at all times.

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