Epsilon Door Security Access Control Systems Sri Lanka

Fingerprint Access Control Systems: Maximum Security to Regulate Entry

At Epsilon Holdings we offer highly reliable, Door Security Access Control Systems Sri Lanka at affordable price. These modern access control units help regulate entry into highly secure areas of your organization. We offer a choice of Fingerprint Access Control Systems to your exact requirements.

Moreover, we offer many modes of Door Security Access Control Systems Sri Lanka like Swipe Card Access Systems to our clients. Our access control authentication systems help secure sensitive areas and ensure only authorized personnel can gain entry. Built with innovative biometric technology our units feature many advantages. These could be tailor-made depending on the context of your deployment needs.

As a Best Door Security Access Control Systems Sri Lanka

The systems we offer not only boasts high-end technology, but also very affordable price points. These include many administrator-friendly features including time zones, holiday management etc.

The Access Control System also has a one-way alarm output system to sound a variety of alarms. These include a dismantlement, threaten, illegally unlock and block alarm. Our Access Control units we can set up and operated independently from other systems.

Why use Fingerprint Access Control Systems?

Biometric access control systems like Fingerprint Access Control Systems offer a superior level of security than cards or passwords. This is because biometric readers identify individuals, not cards or passwords. Earlier, only high-security offices or institutions could install biometric access control systems. However, now the cost of biometric access control systems has become very affordable.

Bio metric access control systems use bio metric scanners as a means to provide authentications. The most common bio metric access control systems are fingerprint readers, iris scanners and retina scanners. These access control systems are sophisticating compared to traditional methods. As a result, they give an extremely high level of security. Cards and other such devices offer big advantages compared to keys, but they can be stolen or lost by people. Bio metric access control systems, on the other hand, rely on unique, physical characteristics of each authorized user.

Apart from installing Door Security Access Control Systems Sri Lanka, we at Epsilon Holdings can upgrade or repair your existing Door Security Access Control System to meet your current and future requirements.

For an obligation free discussion or if you have any special requests, feel free to contact our customer services Hotline 0094-777 100 192, alternatively you could email us on [email protected]. We are delighted to respond at our earliest.

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